Sanford Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Sanford Electrical Contractors

At Sanford Electrical Contractors we make it our top priority to meet your electrical needs. We provide 24-hour emergency response service to all our regular customers. We hold and unlimited electrical contractor license in North and South Carolina. We maintain a fleet of service and support vehicles, including bucket trucks for rapid 24/7 response and troubleshooting thermography (infrared scanning).

  • Water/wastewater electrical systems
  • Solid state motor starters and maintenance
  • Variable speed drives and soft start installation
  • Reduced voltage starters
  • Control wiring for various applications
  • Lighting retrofits and replacements
  • Generator and transfer switch installations

Water / Wastewater

water / wastewater installation - Sanford Electrical Contractors

For more than 40 years, SEC has a proven track record of installing, modifying, and expanding electrical systems at municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities in North and South Carolina. We offer extensive experience with utility plants and pumping stations for facilities that handle water treatment processes. Our team recognizes the importance of continued operations throughout each project and places a strong emphasis on eliminating system outages. Our services include:

  • Motor control maintenance and installations
  • Extensive temporary electrical distribution systems
  • Medium-voltage cable terminations
  • Control and instrumentation wiring
  • Repair of electrical components


commercial electrical service - Sanford Electrical Contractors

Our customers are as diverse as the projects we deliver. Our quality is unmatched and at SEC we focus on relationships, renowned technical services and outstanding safety. Our certified electricians are highly trained and experienced in industrial power distribution systems and industrial equipment including:

  • Control wiring
  • Power quality analysis
  • Emergency generators and transfer switches
  • UPS Systems
  • Low - Medium voltage systems
  • Lighting system upgrades / maintenance
  • PLC instrumentation

Feed Milling

feed milling electrical services - Sanford Electrical Contractors

SEC offers customers full range of services for control, instrumentation, and system upgrades or new installations. Our team has experience providing:

  • Control panels
  • PLC Systems
  • DCS Systems
  • Single and multi-loop control systems
  • Motor controls
  • Maintenance and trouble-shooting
  • Lighting systems
  • Main switchgear installations
  • Bus duct and riser feeders

Generator Solutions

commercial generator solutions - Sanford Electrical Contractors

SEC provides the professional service and peace of mind that you deserve. We provide generator installations or replacement on any size generator and transfer switches.

We believe that emergency service means being available to our customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To this goal SEC has an emergency service team which is deticated to our clients' needs at all times.

Our Core Capabilities

our core capabilities - Sanford Electrical Contractors
  • Water waste and water municipal work
  • Solid state motor starters and maintenance
  • Variable speed drives and soft start installation
  • Reduced voltage starters
  • Control wiring for various applications
  • LED retrofits and replacements
  • Generator installation and transfer switches
  • Explosion Proof Work
  • HVAC systems (Wiring)
  • Temperature Controls
  • Electronic Time Clocks
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

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